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Posted 11 June 2020

As we start to plan to tirage our 2019 Devote Sparkling Vermentino Méthode Traditionnelle, we decided to open the current 2017 Devote Sparkling Vermentino.


2017 Devote Sparkling Vermentino 


As we start to plan to tirage our 2019 Devote Sparkling Vermentino Méthode Traditionnelle, we decided to open the current 2017 Devote Sparkling Vermentino.

Michael and I started this journey in 2011, after sitting in the winery and looking at parcels of the 2011 Vermentino, we both thought it looked like the base of a great sparkling wine.

At that stage we had never tasted a sparkling vermentino, wasn’t sure if anyone in Australia was making one, but with the help with a fellow winemaking friend and great sparkling lover Sam Scott – Laprova Wines, we started the great painstaking journey into making sparkling wine. In the early years we worked together with Sam, tiraging our sparkling wines on the same day as to help with the labour of love.

This process is a labour of love, and a very timely and costly process, which we struggled with as a small winery.

Michael and I will start this process of the 2019 Sparkling Vermentino in the next few weeks and going forward we will only make our Sparkling on selected years.

If you would like to read further what is involved in the Méthode Traditionnelle process please read below.


Méthode Traditionnelle Sparkling

Méthode Traditionnelle Sparkling wine is made using the original methods developed in the Champagne region of France. These wines are known by the crystal like ultra – premium bubbles and are widely consumed for celebrations, to welcome in the New Year or just to enjoy accompanied with caviar and oysters.

All sparkling wines are started in the same way as making any white wine, although in some cases, fruit can be picked a little earlier to achieve lower sugar levels and higher acid. The wine can convert all sugars into alcohol which results in a base wine and awaits ready for secondary fermentation.

When ready to tirage we start our Pied De Cuvee solution process by rehydrating some yeast and adding a sugar solution and some base wine. For the next three days we continue to add daily small amounts of sugar solution and base wine to acclimatise the yeast. On day four we add the Pied De Cuvee (yeast, sugar, and wine) to our remaining base wine ready for Tiraging.

Day four is Tiraging day, we add our Pied De Cuvee into our base wine and some extra sugar solution and put in to bottles and cap off with a sparkling crown seal.  During secondary fermentation, the carbon dioxide is trapped in the wine solution. The amount of sugar determines the pressure in the bottle which is usually around 18 grams of sugar which is around 600 kPa inside the bottle.

We leave these wines for 16 months to age on lees in the bottle before sending off to be riddled and disgorged. This is done off site as this is a crucial and important part of the process to ensure this is successful.

Off site these wines undergo a process known as riddling (remuage in French) bottles are placed on special racks called pupitres that hold them at a 35˚ angle with the crown seal pointed down. Once a day or every two days the bottles are given a slight shake and in turn this pushes the sediment towards the neck of the bottle. Manual riddling is still done in Prestige Cuvées in Champagne.

The lees removal process is called disgorging (dégorgement in French) where they freeze a small amount of liquid in the neck of the bottle and removing the plug of ice containing the lees.

Before wine has its final corking usually a dosage is added which is base wine mixed with sucrose (liqueur d’expédition) this is to balance out the high acidity of the sparkling. Champagne which has no added sugar is called nature or zero dosage which is how we produce our Sparkling Vermentino Méthode Traditionnelle.

This process is very labour- intensive production method that produces extremely fine bubbles and worth every second of your time.



If you truly want to see what the Barossa is all about, edition 14 of the repast magazine pretty much sums up the Barossa.

I think people think they know the Barossa, but Jeremy and Heidi have put it all in one edition and think the Barossa just may be one of the most exciting wine regions on the planet at the moment.

These guys feel there is a real vibrancy and energy through the wine fraternity at present and it shows with the wines currently being produced.

So if you think you need to revisit and really see what is happening in the Barossa, please pick up a copy and scroll through, I am sure you will not be disappointed. These guys are at ground level and know all the places that make the Barossa such a special place.

For subscriptions and copies visit

Tales of Eating Drinking & Travelling



I picked up our copy last week on the way to see my father in ICU. The last couple weeks since we have been home from overseas, my father has been in hospital, and it has been many a trip’s back and forth to Adelaide. Now with his recovery and hopefully moving forward, getting back to bottlings, vineyard and office work I am very much looking forward to sitting down with a glass of wine and enjoying this read completely. - Susan Papps


Sunday mail August 11th 2019


MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release 29 June 2019

2019 Peyton’s Verjus                                                                                                                                     June 2019


“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

-          George Bernard Shaw

In 2016, Peyton who was then nine was finding it hard to grasp Mathematics. We could see our daughter struggling and feared that she may never see the joy and the excitement that maths can bring. This had us worried that she will fall further behind and continue to struggle so we decided to do

something about it.

We decided to, by no means lightly, change schools and try and do everything we can to see if we can change this around. Peyton was fortunate the first year at a new school to have an amazing teacher which really got her excited about Maths and had patients to turn this around.

At home we thought that maybe she needed to see Maths applied differently and gave her a project to make some Verjus from our home block of Cabernet Sauvignon. This gave her skills to see tonnage and weight convert into litres, and then seeing pricing of getting this into bottle and costings. 

The first year was a very small amount and this was bottled in house by friends from school that got to join in on the fun and excitement. We decided that in 2019 we were giving Peyton the small block of estate Cabernet Sauvignon for her project, but this was a huge step up from 2017.

Peyton had to work with a designer to design her label, liaise with the printing company regarding paper stock and quantities, ordering of glass, capsule selection, bottling, picking, making of verjus, and costings. (with help from us of course)

We have been very fortunate that people in the wine Industry have taken the time to explain and describe the process to her.

In a nutshell the first year is working out incomings and outgoings and experiencing how we all use Maths in our day to day work life. Now Peyton seems to enjoy and is excited about Maths, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Let’s just hope she keeps that enthusiasm.


We wish to thank the People and companies that have been involved and supported Peyton in her project.

Jennifer Turner, CCL Labels /Tanya Doecke, SA Professional Wine Bottling / Neil Oram and Team, Saver Glass, Cork Supply / Joao Valle, Nitschke Transport and Excel Packaging


Peyton’s Verjus can be purchased online at or at

279 Nuraip Road Nuriootpa (Yelland & Papps Winery)

Contact for stockists in your state.


$15 per bottle or $120 per dozen


MEDIA CONTACT for interviews, imagery & video or more information, please contact:

Susan Papps +61 8562 3510








The Barossa Mag

A little slice of family paradise



When it comes to wine and life, one local couple is taking the path less travelled and reconnecting with the simple things in life.



By Steve Leszcynski





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Michael has made the TOP 50 again this year

“The Top 50 highlights the multi-dimensional diversity of Australian wine. The judges spent two days benchmarking around 300 wines from some 150 winemakers to find the best of the best. What you end up with in the Top 50 is not just a snapshot of great products from all grape growing corners of Australia, and the gamut of varieties, but also the intersection of ideas, philosophies, and the individual trajectory of the winemakers involved”, says YGOW founder Rory Kent.








A great article on by Ute Junker, 20 reasons to love the Barossa Valley

Wine tasting is not always a comfortable experience: some places make you stand at the bar, or perch on a high stool. Not at Yelland and Papps. These bold young winemakers are known for doing things differently, and their tasting room is actually a whole house, decked out like a family home. Take a seat on one of the comfy sofas and be prepared to discover something new: Yelland and Papps' range of more than two dozen wines includes unusual drops such as vermentino and roussanne.


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We're not going to argue with Tony Love!  Our Second Take Shiraz is featured in his Top 100 Wines keeping company with some other really great Shiraz.


Seven Barossa winemakers have been named as a Young Gun of Wine, making to the top 50 from a pool of 200 canditates.  The Young Gun of Wine showcases the best up & coming winemakers in Australia.  Young Gun Top 50

"We are pretty rapt with the achievent and it is good to be recognised for what we are trying to do - something different while pushing boundaries.  We are thinking outside the square with a newer, fresher take on a variety of wines." - Michael Papps


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Is this the end of the 'big', bold red wine?

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