Michael and I purchased the original Hahn homestead and land in 2010, rich with Barossa Valley history and beauty we embrace and respect the opportunity that we are custodians of a piece of Barossa history.

In a heat wave that was travelling across South Australia at the time we moved into our Nuraip Road property, on January 8th, 2010, with an eight-week-old baby and a two and half-year-old.
The 1846 built homestead was built by the Hahn family and upon laying the first stone down they planted a fig tree. The continuation of planting fruit trees was a must and further came a mulberry tree and a walnut tree.
The idea of self-survival and sustainability was the very essence of living in 1846, and times were extremely hard, they spent two years living under a tree across the road while they built their future home.  (more on this in later writings)
At the Yelland & Papps Estate at Nuraip Road, we have been committed since purchasing to try and live in the most sustainable way and improve the property each year to achieve this.
Although priorities for us first here in 2010 were to establish our winery and tasting room, our urge was to ensure we were self-sufficient and always had access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Michael and I started our orchard in 2011 and have added to their orchard another sixteen plantings of apples, pears, peaches, lemons, oranges, pomegranates, avocados, quinces, apricots, nectarines, mandarins, almonds and plums.
Since the early years, we have been celebrating the season’s fruits, selling through our then-opened tasting room and making them into preserves to share with customers.
There was a time when we were struggling to find time around our business to keep maintaining this side of our life and when we changed direction in 2018, we were adamant this was coming back as a part of our Estate and future.
Today we sell walnuts, mulberry jam, fig jam, and tomato relish, all from our orchard and garden and made by Michael and me here on site.
In our Little Slice of Paradise, it is a great pleasure to share our garden, our orchard and herbs with our customers and colleagues; this is our continued vision.

– Susan Papps

*To purchase preserves, please add them to your wine order. https://yellandandpapps.com/wines/