As I write our vintage 2024 wrap-up, we are still fifteen days from finally having 2024 wines completed and barrelled down.

With two later ripening parcels just coming in last week we are yet to have these finally completed through Malo, and a couple of parcels left to press off this week.

Vintage 2024 started with excitement by walking vineyards and assessing yields and what 2024 wines were in the plan.

Starting with Roussanne we were able to acquire an extra new block to add to the blend for the Blanc wine, Roussanne following from our original David Materne’s block in Greenock looking very strong in 2024. We are very excited to see this after Malo.

Experimenting with a new white this vintage from just down the road some Grenache Gris, this will be a component for the Blanc blend to create interest and depth. Our Estate Grenache Blanc will be up and running in a few years to complete this blend, as well as a couple of other varieties in the future.

Grenache from Kevin Schild’s block just down the road is always a stunning specimen of a well-run vineyard and looking so fresh and vibrant vines are in great condition and watering times were the key to vintage 2024 in the Barossa Valley.

The Greenock Shiraz hailing from David Materne’s Greenock vineyard had lower yields than anticipated and there will not be the volumes usually of this wine that have been in the previous years. Saying that as always this looks exceptional in colour, flavour, and aroma and is very true to this vineyard.

Releasing the new Single Vineyard Stone Well Syrah later this year we are very pleased with how the fruit from the Sonntag vineyard has fermented out, this is bright, aromatic, and elegant and 2024 looks fantastic.

As we replanted a new vineyard on our Estate at the end of 2022, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Grenache will be a few years away from production.   Reworked our existing block of Shiraz has only given us a small vintage of fruit that this vintage will go into the YP Shiraz until this block gets back up to full potential.

The last parcels that came into the winery Cinsault and Mourvèdre for Rose and dry red, have taken a longer time to ripen as we have only had one week of real heat during the ripening period and now coming in cooler has slowed this down.

We had only just started vintage when my brother passed suddenly, and just as we started to press on with vintage thirteen days later my father passed. I must say the vintage did lose its excitement for a while and became an added pressure to keep moving on.

The enthusiasm might have taken a hit but the perseverance and determination to push through and make the best of this vintage emerged and kept us going.

My father especially would have been disappointed if we did not put everything, we had into our dream of making wine and assuring our business continued to move forward at this time.

It may not have been the vintage of celebrations that we first anticipated in 2024, but I believe it was indicative of the ups and downs we all face in business today.


The death of my father has taught me the real meaning of gratitude.

“The greatest regret is to have lived as if life were a dress rehearsal”.


Many thanks for the understanding and emails from customers and suppliers it has been greatly appreciated.


Here’s to Vintage 2024 wines and vale to Leith and Kelwyn Yelland.


Kind regards,

Susan Papps