2005 vintage started the journey of Yelland & Papps. Still, a journey always starts with a significant moment and entity, and for us both at that stage living in the Greenock sub-region of the Barossa Valley meant one thing Greenock Shiraz.

In the early years Michael and I picked when fruit was sitting a little riper at the higher end of 14 baume, but in 2010 when we purchased our property and set up our winery things shifted, and we thought that this was the time to find our own style and house signature.

Of course, once settling into our new property, the 2011 vintage hit the decks and caused apprehension in our minds, Michael and I closed the outside noise and ramblings and decided to pick earlier to enable growers to be able to get crops off before it all went south.
Not realising our crucial decision was going to path the way for our house style, not only did we take all the fruit we had destined to take from the growers, but we also couldn’t get over how much we loved the style, with great acids, less acid additions, brightness, and spicy characters, this was looking pretty good.

With the 15th release of the Greenock Shiraz derived with a label redesign, to pay homage to this site and vineyard they wanted to signify the significance of Single Vineyard, hence abandoning Devote which represented Devoted to the grower, but now encompasses both grower and vineyard.

Today David Materne has spent arduous hours reworking this vineyard. In 2023 he pulled out 6 rows/ 4 acres a ¼ of the vineyard at a time to replant vines that were struggling and to look at the longevity of this vineyard, for the future generations.

Please help us celebrate our twentieth vintage and dedication to the growers that enable us to make these wines.

– Susan Papps