You may have noticed with our wine and others that the wine is not as clear as some.

At Yelland & Papps our belief and winemaking are to choose not to filter or fine our wines as we believe this takes the soul out of the wine.

We are in one amazing wine world to make our own choices and to follow our beliefs and this is a privilege.

Michael and I decided back in 2010, when we purchased our property and started our own Winery facility to be hands-on and to go back to basics, another huge factor was our first child born with severe allergies that made us research and question a lot of decisions that we have sometimes made.

We start the process of picking early, gentle extractions, basket pressing, the use of whole cluster ferments, and use of lees contact and battonage enabling us to not use any fining agents throughout the entire winemaking process.

As we do not use clarifying agents in the winery our belief is to naturally let cold stabilisation do its thing with cooler nights in the Barossa Valley the solids will naturally fall to the bottom. We then rack from barrel and bottle unfiltered, which sometimes may resemble a cloudier appearance.

Now to be completely honest some of these wines may not be crystal clear but the most important thing to us is the wine is enjoyable and delicious.

The solids you may find in the bottom of your glass are Tartrates or lees and these are just a natural by-product of fermentation, nothing to harm you, you can leave this in the bottom of your glass or drink whatever you prefer.

We truly believe in our style, and our process and aim to make the best wines we can without taking away from the natural provenance and terroir of the wine.


Susan & Michael Papps