Devote Greenock Shiraz / Single Vineyard Greenock Shiraz
Grower: David Materne
Vineyard: Greenock Barossa Valley

The significance of this wine is the first foundation block of the Yelland & Papps range and still holds a prominent position within our portfolio today.
This block of 1988 planted Shiraz on the homestead of David & Angela Materne of Greenock are fourth-generation Barossa Valley growers.
When we started in 2005 it was obvious to us that we had to start our journey first and foremost with a Shiraz, and living in the Greenock sub-region of the Barossa Valley this was the obvious answer.
Only taking small amounts of fruit the first few years, we proceeded to take the whole block in 2008 which pushed forward our business to not such a part-time gig anymore.
From 2005 to 2010 this vineyard was picked between 14-15 baume making a rich typical Barossa Valley Shiraz style.
In 2010 purchasing our vineyard property and the opportunity to start our own winery facilities, allowed us to rethink our winemaking style.
The 2011 vintage approached, and the year threw a few weather curve balls at us, but from this, we picked the fruit earlier to avoid disease and we loved the result. From 2011 onwards this vineyard is picked between 13.0 – 13.9 baume depending on the vintage and flavours.
This wine is a true staple in our portfolio it shows the journey of a brand, a vineyard, a winemaking style, and a relationship with a grower.

– Susan Papps