January at Yelland & Papps is welcomed with abundant Apricots and Mulberries.
Our stunning Mulberry tree on our property is the foresight of the European settlers of the Hahn Family who planted this we presume not long after they settled here in 1845.
It is breathtaking in its rambling old branches and the healthy condition, as a chef said only a week ago “That is the best-looking mulberry tree I have ever seen”.

Every year we have abundant fruit you will never get to picking all of it, Mulberry pies and crumbles are a staple, and we always make Mulberry Jam, available to purchase.
The tradition that we started was the day we make our jam we also whip up a bunch of scones to celebrate the season and then sit under the mulberry tree to enjoy. The simple things are truly the best pleasures in life, and we are thankful to Johann Christian and Maria Hahn for the foresight and vision for us to take over as custodians.

Michael and the kids planted the Apricot tree in our orchard in 2011, the past years have not been very bountiful, but this year the gods have been in favour and there has been quite a crop to enjoy.

Fingers crossed for the next few months of figs, pears, plums, apples, peaches and quinces.


Susan Papps