Current Vintage: 2022

Yelland & Papps Barossa Valley Single Vineyard
Brumeux Roussanne 2022

A wet start to winter followed by a dry mild spring and summer led to a longer and slower
ripening period delaying the start of vintage by a week or two. Within the growing season,
we dealt with frost and hail which ultimately reduced our yield to 30% below average.

Sourced from the Materne vineyard in the Greenock sub-region of the Barossa Valley, lies
rich loam over red clay 300m above sea level on the northeast corner of the Greenock

With a fervent relationship with Roussanne since 2011 Michael and Susan Papps have
been pushing boundaries on this varietal that they believe suits the Barossa Valley
climate and rich earth soils.
Predominately making red wines in the early years of their winemaking, white wine has
taken precedence and excitement the past few years. Now releasing their fourth range of
Roussanne has been a work in progress for many vintages and now shows Roussanne in
four distinctive styles.
With the introduction of the Brumeux under the Single Vineyard label, previously the
Second Take, this wine is all about texture and complexity.
Brumeux in French meaning hazy or foggy, we believe in the keeping of all lees and in
suspension and maintaining texture and dimension to the Roussanne.

Here lies rich loam over red clay 300m above sea level on the northeast corner of the
Greenock region. Planted on their own roots in 2001 these vines are tendered by fourth
Generation grower David Materne, with vines running east-west.

The grapes are hand-picked, 12-48 hours cold soak on skins, destemmed, basket-pressed,
free run and pressings kept separate till prior blending to bottling depending on the vintage
portion of the final blend. Left to spontaneous yeast ferments in oak, battonage for ten
months, natural partial malo, minimal sulphur, Elevage for ten months in 100% French oak
puncheons. Wines selected at classification tasting, with the barrels characteristics of the
Brumeux and texture, wines kept on full lees to bottle. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

100% Roussanne

14 degrees in the tasting glass. Invert and mix the bottle before opening it to allow lees to

With distinct aromas of crushed pineapple, hints of pineapple juice, textural and a
the creaminess that lingers through the palate, finishing with a fine acid line and freshness.
12.9 alc
Cellar for a further 10+ years