Finishing pruning in early September 2020 with budburst starting later that month and
warming up with some nice rains. We had some good rains in October leading into
November the green drying off and flowering occurring quickly. November saw fruit set
looking good and good excess foliage, with the end of November some warmer days starting.
The first day of December 2020 being a rather cooler day with a small shower was unusual
but the small shower was well received. Throughout December drive arounds to check
vineyards as strong winds had damaged some canopies. January was dry with a burst of heat
before a perfectly timed rain event at veraison in early February. The lead up to vintage was
cool with the coolest summer for 19 years. Only a couple of spouts of heat made for a cool
and long ripening, but the fruit that was picked early had great natural acid and by far looks
the best quality. 2021 was a great vintage overall across the board for all varietals and a very
memorable vintage with great natural acids and balanced fruit.

Barossa Valley Vine Vale

In 2012 determined to make a lighter, brighter grenache that still had texture and
structure, to push the boundaries of the expression of grenache.
Each blend component of the whole cluster vary each vintage and captures different
flavours, picking
the vineyard in multiple picks.

Sandy loam

Hand-picked in two pickings one earlier and one slightly later,
A portion of the pickings is 100% whole cluster and a portion 50% whole cluster, with the
final blend being an average of 54% whole cluster. Naturally fermented in open fermenters
& barrels left to elevate in oak and tank for eight months.


16 degrees in tasting glass

Seductive savoury cherries spicy macerated raspberries, hints of Asian spice and floral

12.8% alc Cellar for a further 8-10years