Current Vintage: 2019

I think we can all agree that math is hard, but we also know that math can be responsible for a multitude of unexpected and beautiful things!

Susan and Michael’s daughter Peyton, when tasked with understanding math at school, decided to document the process of producing verjuice from her parents’ Cabernet Sauvignon grapes off their home vineyard.

Verjuice means ‘green juice’ and is the juice of under-ripe grapes. Tart, acidic and delicious, it is what is known in cooking circles as a gentle acidulant, not as pungent as lemon juice or vinegar, it provides a tart bite and a sense of sourness in many dishes, lifting them up and making the dish brighter and more appealing.

It is wonderful in salad dressings, deglazing after cooking chicken or fish, poaching dried fruit or even just a splash in some soda water for a refreshing pick-me-up.

What started as Peyton’s maths project is now a yearly offering here at Yelland & Papp’s and Peyton looks after every aspect of its production from making the verjuice to bottling, labelling and selling the final product.

She has done a wonderful job and Peyton’s Verjuice is now a much-loved addition to our produce offerings at Yelland & Papps.