New World Old World New Releases

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YELLAND & PAPPS EST.2005 SUSAN & MICHAEL PAPPS   “The wheel is come full circle” – WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE   New World wine in an old-world way. In 2012 Michael and Susan Papps decided to start making wines that were a nod to the old-world style. Lighter brighter, higher acid [...]

Single Vineyard New Releases

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  Classical and elegant in every way. -Susan and Michael Papps   “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the ones that are responsive to change” -CHARLES DARWIN   2021 Single Vineyard Roussanne $45 per bottle $486 per dozen 110 dozen available 12.6% alc With [...]

Limited Cuvée

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“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace. A project and desire to push our winemaking starting in 2014, a project that has pushed us in many ways, and a project that has taught us with patience and time things will come together. [...]


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Acid and sugar: a tale of two hemispheres It was once axiomatic that as you crossed the equator going north acid became the work of the devil, and as you crossed it going south sugar was the work of the devil. In other words, full ripeness was often hard [...]

Devote Greenock Shiraz – Single Vineyard Greenock Shiraz

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  The first parcel of fruit harvested on March 29th was the foundation of now the 17th vintage of the Greenock Shiraz, hailing from Materne vineyard ran by 4th generation growers David and Angela Materne. Planted in 1988 this 1654 clone runs north-south and sits on sandy loam over [...]

Apéritif – If you thought you did not like Barossa wine, you will come up with other ideas with these

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aperitif Aase E. Jacobsen 28 July 2021 - 12:45   That Barossa has been low on the coolness scale for a while has to do with the wine styles the area is associated with. Although Yelland & Papps is not the first alternative-thinking producer from there, this is an impression [...]


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