A single site has always been of utmost importance to most winemakers, a true reflection year in and year out of a single site is something we all yearn for and appreciate.
The art of winemaking comes down to the precise blending, but the art of true expression of the site comes down to the site clearly being able to express the terroir uninterrupted.

What I have learned over the years is that people all react differently to different situations.
Sometimes from experiences that are not pleasant or particularly not planned develop into a sense of place that is new and sometimes exciting. An outcome that provides strength and direction that may have not come unless these circumstances have come into play.
A time where we closed ourselves off to the world, looked within and took stock of our direction, comes the new Single Vineyard labels and a place where we feel truly comfortable and excited for the future.

Kind regards, Susan & Michael Papps

2022 Single Vineyard Old Vine Grenache
The 2022 Single Vineyard Old Vine Grenache hails from only 2km from the Yelland & Papps Estate. This vineyard has been producing high-quality Grenache for Yelland & Papps since 2013. Previously sourced for the Second Take Grenache, these 1953 vines produce the characters in Grenache that we are looking for, savoury undertones and intense structure. These old vines lay on sandy red loam in the Vine Vale subregion of the Barossa Valley.
Thirty-eight per cent whole cluster natural fermentation, elevaged for ten months in seasoned French Oak puncheons no fining or filtration 13.9% alc 222 cases available
$43 per bottle ORDER HERE
What sheer delight this is. A glorious ride through the pleasure zone, this Old Vine Grenache is a joyous expression of the variety. Qwine 94/100 read more


2021 Single Vineyard Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
End of a chapter for the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard on our home estate.
10 vintages of wine have been produced off of the Estate Vineyard since purchasing the property in 2010, and 2021 is the final chapter for Cabernet Sauvignon off of this vineyard.
Organically (not certified) worked since 2010 we have successfully run this vineyard for ten years on organic principles with the help of our sheep this was made possible.
2021 after the vintage the vineyard was completely pulled out due to dye back the vineyard was not producing what we needed.
Posts, irrigation everything was pulled out and left to rest and rejuvenate till December 2022 we replanted with Grenache Blanc and Roussanne, repost, reirrigated and brought the rows a little closer to maximise the vineyard space and efficiencies.
$43 per bottle ORDER HERE
Barossa Cabernet doesn’t usually entice me into a deep dive but I’m ready to somersault into this Yelland & Papps release with pike. Damn delicious and easy to drink, it’s insanely smooth and velvet-like. Qwine 93/100 read more

A true living story of the start of Yelland & Papps to the present, since 2005 this wine has been produced every vintage from this site nestled in the crevices of the Greenock sub-region of the Barossa Valley.
Greenock Shiraz is a testament to persistence through vintage variations and winemaking.
Picked in February to obtain natural acid and flavours this wine sees twenty-three months in oak, elevage time spent in 3rd fill 3kl French Oak Vat and 3 & 4-year-old French puncheons.
Natural fermentation, no fining or filtration 13.9% alc 422 cases available

$49 per bottle ORDER HERE


The Real Review Aaron Brasher 95/100 ranked #12 Shiraz from Barossa Valley

Fine Christmas cake spices calmly caress on exit with dusty and powdery tannins coating the mouth on a sustained finish. This is a smart wine. Qwine 92/100 read more