David started kicking the dirt in the vineyard at the age of thirteen alongside his father Milton.

The Materne family is a Greenock staple, starting farming and vineyards in the early 1900s with four generations under their belt and the fifth coming through, this family has 100-plus years of knowing this area and soils.
David describes himself as a ‘roller coaster’ he gives people a go on the first roll of the dice, there is resilience, a hard shell, but also a joker, light-hearted and loves a whinge but also a laugh.
Dedicated to the local Greenock Country Fire Service since 1984, currently serving as Captain and committed to Agriculture Bureaus in the Barossa. Assisting the local Nuriootpa High School with their wine program for over ten years, the Materne family is a member of the second oldest active church in Australia the Nain Lutheran Church and is involved to keep this running into the future.

David’s approach to viticulture is sustainable and has moved with the evolution of not working the ground as much and mulching where needed.
David is one of the unsung growers of the Barossa, in the early days selling to Penfolds making, St Henri and 389.
He now works with wineries such as Torbreck, Two Hands, St Hallet and Yelland & Papps.
David’s favourite comment usually is “There is always next year”.
David’s father Milton has drummed into David all his life “A clean prune saves work in the following year”.
David is very much aware of what he is trying to achieve and adapts well to progress to get there, at the end of the day he is a farmer, and this is his family’s livelihood and future.
These are the people that make up the Barossa, the ones you probably see on the tractors or walking the vineyards as you drive past, they are the make-up of the Wine Industry that is often not seen on the brochures but the glue that holds the community and wine industry together.


– Susan Papps