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New Release Single Vineyard Wines


A single site has always been of utmost importance to most winemakers, a true reflection year in and year out of a single site is something we all yearn for and appreciate. The art of winemaking comes down to the precise blending, but the art of true expression of the [...]

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New Single Vineyard Releases We are very pleased to release and share the New Single Vineyard wines with you. Michael and I are super happy with how these wines have come together and are finally under the Single Vineyard label. For this release, we decided to match these wines with [...]


New World Old World New Releases


YELLAND & PAPPS EST.2005 SUSAN & MICHAEL PAPPS   “The wheel is come full circle” – WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE   New World wine in an old-world way. In 2012 Michael and Susan Papps decided to start making wines that were a nod to the old-world style. Lighter brighter, higher acid and [...]

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Single Vineyard New Releases


  Classical and elegant in every way. -Susan and Michael Papps   “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the ones that are responsive to change” -CHARLES DARWIN   2021 Single Vineyard Roussanne $45 per bottle $486 per dozen 110 dozen available 12.6% alc With a [...]

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2020 Second Takes Wines Release


2020 SECOND TAKE VERMENTINO 12% ALC $45 AUD Hand-picked, cooled prior to crushing, crushed to tank to naturally ferment no additions.Deliberately scraping off oxidised fruit to avoid colour and oxidised characters.256 days on skins then basket pressed, keeping free run and pressings separate.Allowing naturally to go through malolactic fermentation. Racked [...]

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2017 YP Vin de Soif New Release


For us we didn’t want to produce a weighted Grenache Shiraz blend, but a thirst quenching wine that sits easily in your drinking requirements for summer reds and also something that is easily drinkable on all occasions. When Michael and I first started making wine in 2005 we were passionate [...]

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2017 Devote Sparkling Vermentino 


As we start to plan to tirage our 2019 Devote Sparkling Vermentino Méthode Traditionnelle, we decided to open the current 2017 Devote Sparkling Vermentino. Michael and I started this journey in 2011, after sitting in the winery and looking at parcels of the 2011 Vermentino, we both thought it looked [...]

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