Quite fitting that in the week that celebrates one of the most marketed consumable spending celebrations, Australians are changing their habits.
An article by Australian Broker states there is a  shift in how Aussies want to celebrate Valentine’s Day  read more
Australian couples are finding new ways to celebrate love, shifting from traditional gifts to experiences and getaways, according to the latest customer spending data.

A great way to experience that only costs a bottle of wine of your choice is to find a beautiful tree and enjoy this with your partner, great friends or family.

Reflect on the person who had the vision to plant this tree knowing they will never enjoy the shade.


The story goes that in 1846 when Johann Christian Hahn & Maria settled here at Ober Langmeil, now known as 279 Nuraip Road, one of the priorities was to build their house and plant fruit trees to start a mixed farming life.
One of the first fruit trees to be planted was a fig tree and this as the story goes was planted as they laid the first stone down for their house in 1846.
Today we enjoy the forevision of Johann and Maria and indulge every March and April on the most delicious figs.
We share this fig tree with some of the most amazing wildlife as Michael has captured in the above photo, there are enough figs for everyone to enjoy!

Viva to fig season!

– Susan Papps