Starting Yelland & Papps in 2005, Michael and I will be celebrating our twentieth vintage-making wine in 2024.
This will be a chance to reflect on where we started, as many said in 2007 as we released our first wine and launched our Brand ‘You guys are crazy’ With the GFC hitting our shores we were in for a bumpy start.
Taking note this is before social media and you were pounding the pavement in an industry where no one knew who you were, what you were about, and you were out there with a tonne of wine and discounts everywhere. We were green and with every knockback you learnt something, and you had to because you wanted to do this more than anything.
Obstacles are good, they make you more resilient and although for the next few years to come, we continued to endure difficulties and hard decisions, we often looked at each other and asked what more could challenge us, there was a moment when we said, ‘bring it on’.
This has enabled us to put our heads down over the last few years and hold very tight to what we believe in and want to keep what we have started.
The greenness is fading but is still there as we brace for the next year ahead, we are hopeful, we are scared but most of all we are excited, stay with us on this journey because we believe in ourselves, and we would love to share it with you.

Many thanks
Susan Papps