“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”
–          George Bernard Shaw

In 2016, Peyton who was then nine was finding it hard to grasp Mathematics. We could see our daughter struggling and feared that she may never see the joy and the excitement that maths can bring. This had us worried that she will fall further behind and continue to struggle so we decided to do something about it.

We decided to, by no means lightly, change schools and try and do everything we can to see if we can change this around. Peyton was fortunate the first year at a new school to have an amazing teacher which really got her excited about Maths and had patience to turn this around.

At home we thought that maybe she needed to see Maths applied differently and gave her a project to make some Verjus from our home block of Cabernet Sauvignon. This gave her skills to see tonnage and weight converted into litres, and then seeing the pricing of getting this into bottle and overall costings.

The first year was a very small amount and this was bottled in house by friends from school that got to join in on the fun and excitement. We decided that in 2019 we were giving Peyton the small block of estate Cabernet Sauvignon for her project, but this was a huge step up from 2017.

Peyton had to work with a designer to design her label, liaise with the printing company regarding paper stock and quantities, ordering of glass, capsule selection, bottling, picking, making of verjus, and costings. (with help from us of course)

We have been very fortunate that people in the wine Industry have taken the time to explain and describe the process to her.

In a nutshell the first year is working out incomings and outgoings and experiencing how we all use Maths in our day to day work life. Now Peyton seems to enjoy and is excited about Maths, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Let’s just hope she keeps that enthusiasm.

We wish to thank the People and companies that have been involved and supported Peyton in her project.

Jennifer Turner, CCL Labels /Tanya Doecke, SA Professional Wine Bottling / Neil Oram and Team, Saver Glass, Cork Supply / Joao Valle, Nitschke Transport and Excel Packaging

Peyton Papps