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Yelland & Papps

“We bought a cottage, a shed, and a vineyard. A slice of Barossa paradise, and home to Yelland & Papps. Somewhere to indulge an obsession and be masters of our destiny in wine. Serving as a roof over our heads and a place to fulfil shared ambitions.

Barossa is a very good place to make wine, and with the support of grape growing families such as Materne, Sonntag, Schild and Modra we aim to make the best we can. In the winery we’re easily drawn to older, slower, more traditional approaches. Hard work for sure, but ways that allow us to adapt to each challenge and apply what we learn. Gently testing the boundaries of our winemaking world as we pursue our goal to craft elegant Barossa wines. Sophisticated, precise, beautiful and age worthy wines that can connect people to a place and a community of artisans and farmers. Allowing them to appreciate the craft and human endeavour required to make wine to enjoy.”

Susan & Michael Papps
Proprietors and Winemakers, Yelland & Papps

Yelland & Papps Single Vineyard Roussanne

Yelland & Papps ‘Single Vineyard’ Barossa Valley Roussanne 2022

“Too many people view the Barossa Valley as being suitable only for the production of serious, monolithic reds. What this beautifully elegant and precise Roussanne demonstrates is the shamefully limiting nature of any such perspective.”

Mark Pygott MW
IMW Symposium, Wiesbaden
Australian Wine Lunch 2 July 2023


Yelland & Papps Barossa - Orchard Pears